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Why is caring for our hands important?

Caring for our hands is important because, like any kind of skincare, you can better protect your skin cells, helping to maintain healthy skincare, avoiding irritation and dry skin. Dry skin and poor skin care can lead to premature ageing in regards to skin condition, and hand care is a vital step to locking in that all-important moisture that keeps our hands smooth, supple, healthy and clean. No matter how we use our hands – whether to hold something, hug someone, wash something – we are exposing it to external irritants, and if you think about what our hands go through in a day, of course, it makes sense to care for them as we do other parts of the body.

Foot Care:

Your feet deserve as much care as you give to the rest of your body, so it’s vital to have a skincare routine, whatever the season. To maintain soft and healthy feet it’s important to remove dead skin from your feet on a regular basis. But there are all kinds of foot care products that you can use in the comfort of your own home.

Post-soak and scrub, pat your skin dry with a soft towel and then immediately reach for a hydrating moisturizer. You may want to consider trying a product that is specifically made for your feet. Rub the lotion or foot cream in-between your palms to slightly warm it and then massage it onto your feet until fully absorbed.


Add foot care mask to your foot care routine. If you were to marry a sock and a sheet mask, you'd get a foot mask. These single-use products consist of a serum-covered fabric (like a regular sheet mask), with a plastic exterior to keep your foot and the serum contained while you treat your skin.

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