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What is Cleansing Foam?

Cleansing Foam is a mild and luxurious foam that gently removes makeup and other impurities while protecting against dryness and irritation. Your skin is left clean, soft and moisturized – ready for your next skincare treatment.

What is Cleansing Gel?

Gel cleansers are a different texture than foaming cleansers and are usually thicker and provide a small (if any) amount of foaming. They provide a lighter cleaning experience, which makes them ideal for sensitive skin types. Gel cleansers clear the skin and pores without stripping them of your normal skin oils.

What is Cleansing Water?

Micellar water is a type of cleanser that attracts dirt and oils, lifting them off the skin. It can also contain hydrating ingredients, making it a gentle alternative to harsher cleansers or face scrubs. Many people can regularly use micellar water as a light cleanser, makeup remover, or toner.

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