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Mini Mini Ink Velvet Stick Special Set 5 in 1 #Limited Edition


Dhs. 135.00 Dhs. 243.00

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1.Ink The Velvet's creamy texture in stick form!
2. 5.5cm cute mini size!
3. Color pigments fix right onto the lips for intense ink coloring!

■ Product Features:

★ Velvet as Silky

★ Mini size easy to store in pouch

★ Dark Ink Color

Super-soft gliding system with ultra-micro-factor silicon-based oil enables uniform coloration

Color composition

No. 1 Feast Red Red

No. 2 Self Joy Coral Noudicolar

No. 3 Youth Beige Noudivage

No. 4 Welcoming Pink Noodipink

No. 5 Again Rose Brown

Delivery takes 1~2 working days all over UAE

Free Delivery for orders with 200 AED+

Volume: 1.3g x 5

Made in South Korea

Gently apply along the lip line.

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