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Slow Lab Self Healing Kit #Have All


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[Relax Coin Patch] Don't have time for going to massage spa? Don't worry, here's a super simple solution for you at home. The Relax Coin Patch will relieve your muscle clamp with heat technology in quicker and more simple way.

[Deep Sleep Mask] Having problem in sleeping? Still feeling tired in the morning even after sleeping? Don't worry anymore! This is the eye mask to help your eyes kept healthy and fresh.

[Menstruation Patch] Here it comes again... D-Day! Menstrual pain mainly is caused by tensions from uterus and abdomen. What you need is to relax with by warming up your stomach with THIS PATCH.

[Detox Foot Patch] Foot Detox Patch is not only for foot! It helps you to let all toxic in your body to come out with warm-up technology so easily.

[Relax Coin Patch] Round Type, Easily Attachable. Small Yet Effective.

Convenient & Comfortable. Fresh & Natural Menthol Scent.

[Deep Sleep Mask] With heat technology, it helps your eyes to be moist and healthy. Especially in the night before sleeping, it leads to deep and sound sleep.

[Menstruation Patch] Women's lower abdomen pain and illness are caused by cold energy, which shall be treated by steaming. With this patch, your pain will much ease as it relieves the tension and provide the heat deeply inside. It's not only for temporary use, but also improves your uterus condition.

[Detox Foot Patch] With natural bamboo extract, Vitamin C, Mushroom and Dextrin, it warms up your body temperature to let out toxin in your body.

Delivery takes 1~2 working days all over UAE

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Volume : 10 ea + 10 ea + 120ea + 5ea + 5ea

Made in South Korea

[Relax Coin Patch] Open the packet. Apply coin-size patches to your desired area. Take them off anytime after 2~3 hours.

[Deep Sleep Mask] Open the product by pulling both ends. Attach white part to your eyes. Attach holed parts to your ears and fix the eye mask to your eyes. Close your eyes and relax for about 20~30 minutes.

[Menstruation Patch] Remove Patch from the packet. Remove the paper layer from the adhesive side. Paste over your inner-wear where you need warmth. 50C degrees heat lasts up to 10 Hours. Detach when you feel you'd like to. * DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO YOUR SKIN. YOU MAY GET SLIGHTLY BURNED.

[Detox Foot Patch] Take the sheet out of zipper bag and open. Remove the plastic sheet at the back side. Attach it under your foot or feet (left or right / left and right, up to you) After 5~7 hours, detach pads and see the result. (It's okay to sleep) Wash or wipe your feet (Cleanse)

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