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It's Lifting Time 2 Step Gypsum Sheet Mask #1 pc


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Gypsum mask for V-line lifting. With only 20-30 minutes, you can see your face line gets magically lifted! Step 1. Elastic Ampoule Mask fits tightly on your entire face and lifts sagging skin from under the jawline. Step 2. Gypsum mask to block moisture evaporation and energizing skin.

Great Ingredients boost vitality to your skin. Gold Ingredients improve skin wrinkles. It contains collagen to hydrate and moisturize skin.

It takes 1~2 Working days for delivery within UAE.

Free Delivery for orders with 200 AED+

Volume: 100g

Made in South Korea

  1. Wash your face and dry. Apply toner or skin
  2. Apply ampoule mask to your face. Make sure tightly fix ear parts to lift.
  3. Apply gypsum part over your face. Wait for 20-30 minutes.
  4. Once gypsum mask is dried, take it off to finish.

Gold, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Adenosine, Albumen, etc.

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