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Mille De Fleur - Etoile Brightening creme

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High-performance whitening moisturizing cream that brightens and moisturizes skin from the inside.

The Power of Flowers that Shines with Moist

Etoile brightening crème made from natural premium plant ingredients and flower extracts
replenish and guard moisture in your skin to restore your skin’s natural glow.

Flower Petals Waking up the Clear Skin

The patented substance “RESMELIN” and the whitening ingredient “Niacinamide” penetrate deep into your skin help restore the damages from UV rays. The powerful “8Layers of Hyaluronic Acid” fill the gaps between collagen and elastin to provide your skin with ample moisture, thereby creating firm, moisturized skin.

Etoile brightening crème 40ml

Contains niacinamide/ effective whitening cream

Our optimal formula makes your skin clear and moisturized all day long by replenishing your skin’s moisture reserves and brightening your complexion

The power of flowers presents a beautifully hydrated glow.

Etoile brightening cream', made of naturally derived premium ingredients and flower extracts, replenishes the skin’s moisture reserves and helps your skin restore its natural glow.

Created by unique mixing techniques of mille de fleur, Etoile brightening cream restores your skin damaged by the external environment.

[main Ingredients ]

- Patented ingredient ‘resmelin’ and effective skin brightening compound ‘niacinamide’ penetrate

deep into your skin and brighten your sun-damaged skin.

Highly effective eightfold hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastin fibers, replenishes the skin’s moisture reserves and makes your skin moisturized and supple.

- Patented ingredient ‘resmelin’

An extract complex of thuja orientalis leaves, Japanese knotweed, and zanthoxylum piperitum has strong antioxidant effects, protects your skin from the external environment, and instantly soothes, brightens, and moisturizes your skin.

[Patent No. 10-1024168 Cosmetic composition for skin whitening Limited to the features of the ingredient]

- Provence rose water

Containing 20 times more vitamin C than lemons, 8 times more estrogen than pomegranates, and 20 times more vitamin A than tomatoes, rose water contributes to anti-aging, skin hydration, soothing, and rejuvenation.(Limited to the features of the ingredient)

- Eightfold hyaluronic acid + polyglutamic acid

Eightfold hyaluronic acid of the low, medium and high molecular weights replenishes the skin’s natural moisture reserves, and polyglutamic acid, a naturally derived moisturizing ingredient, maintains the optimal PH balance and locks in moisture. (Limited to the features of the ingredient) 

- Lavender : Skin cell regeneration, skin soothing

- Chamomile : Anti-virus, anti-inflammation, skin regeneration, skin damage repair

- Lemon balm : Antioxidation, anti-inflammation

- Spearmint : Anti-inflammation

[Texture & Scent]

This cream with a light texture smoothly penetrates deep into the skin, and its natural scents derived from Provence rose petals, utterly different from artificial scents causing skin irritation and allergic reactions, provide soothing effects.


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